Integrated Service

Kanutam offers you an integrated service including the next:

  • 1. Laboratory

  • 2. Treatment Design

  • 3. Treatment Applications

  • 4. Engineer and
    Technical Support

  • 5. Evaluationn

Laboratory Analysis

  • Our specialized laboratory personal will perform test of dissolution and compatibility with the oil samples provided by the client or with one in our hands that has been collected from the same facility to treat, they will determinate the treatment dose to rinse or inhibit the scale.

Treatment Design

  • Kanutam define the design to eliminate organic (presence of asphaltenes, resins and paraffin) and non-organic (elimination of calcium carbonates, magnesium and sulfates in wells, oil pipes and facilities).

Treatment Applications

  • Kanutam provides the application of the systems and the volume recommendation (injection and displacement) to eliminate the obstructions previously identified, prioritizing every time the benefit-cost.

Engineer and Technical Support

  • Our team of engineers and technicians gives support before and through each treatment preserving the environment and monitoring the conditions of the systems in real time.


  • In order to satisfy the client, we do a financial evaluation in each treatment, highlighting the maximization of the profit.