Solvent Systems: Petro-Boost®

The PETRO-BOOST ® System is specifically designed for the treatment of hydrocarbon productions wells, as well as storage bulk tanks and production lines that require cleaning. It has the capacity to remove high contents of organic and non-organic material, dispersing and dissolving the asphaltenes and paraffin of the hydrocarbon, helping to increase the oil production and reducing the viscosity.


  • Increased production of oil or gas
  • Reduces the viscosity of crude oil by increasing the fluidity of the oil
  • Quick clean
  • Does not require removal before refining
  • Reduces pumping rates
  • Reduces corrosion deposits

Petro-Boost Plus®

  • Provides fluidity to the oil and destabilizes emulsions
  • Break chains of asphaltenes by incorporating them into the hydrocarbon
  • Generates water wettability and dehydrates crude oil
  • Applicable in matrix interventions, well cleaning, discharge lines and deposits

  • Acts at room temperature
  • Restores flow area, improving production
  • Provides good compatibility with different types of crude oil

Crude oil sample treated with Petro-Boost Plus®

*Separating sediment from crude oil

Crude oil sample treated with Petro-Boost Plus®