Mag-Tek/Mag-Well Equipment

Solutions for Oil Reservoirs and Refiners

Problems with Scales, Paraffin and Asphaltenes?

The MAG-WELL equipment from MAG-TEK helps you to increase the production and reduce the costs of the well with problems of scales, paraffin and asphaltenes

  • Reduces significantly the need of use conventional treatments as hot oil, mechanical or chemicals

  • Helps to increase the production due the absence of clogging by paraffin and asphaltenes in the pumps, separators and associated equipment’s

  • Helps to remove scales and inhibit the formation of new deposits en pumps, pipes, heat exchangers, separator and associated equipment´s

  • Keeps the pipes off corrosion and tubercles due the scales deposits

  • Reduces the accumulation of sediments in bulk tanks

  • Improves the flow of oil in cold temperature
  • Made in USA
  • High tech magnetic control fluid tool developed by MAG-WELL Inc., protected by the American patent number 5,178,757

Advance Design and Incomparable Quality is what makes the MAG-WELL Equipment the greater

A specific design to treat well fluids. Flowing through a magnetic vortex of the tool treats the fluid.

The MAG-WELL tool

  • Increases the solubility of crude oil
  • Interferes the cloud-point, viscosity and temperature of deposit
  • Controls the accumulation scales of paraffin and asphaltenes in production tubing and packers

  • Increases the production by reducing the scale and wax accumulation

Fabrication for a long service and problem-free

  • Made in USA
  • Made with stainless steel (300 Series)
  • Uses high intense magnets to generate a magnetic field which induces the fluid treatment

  • Causes a minimum drop pressure
  • The tool is design specifically for the use on field

MAG-WELL Custom made tools

  • Patrimonial property software is used to analyze variables of well production and evaluate the tool design.

Fuel Industry

Eco-Fuel MAG-TEK Economizer

  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces the emission of hydrocarbons
  • Eliminates the use of additives
  • Diesel cleaning without the use of toxic biocides
  • Reduces the time of inactivity
  • Reduces problems associated with filters, injectors and fuel
  • Installation is easy and maintenance-free
  • Made in USA

Through the process known as "polymerization", the agglomeration of paraffin and asphaltenes results in the creation of solids, the diesel begins to degrade immediately after refining.

Diesel fuel is inherently unstable, therefore decomposition and degradation of fuel is an inevitable natural process. This process can be accelerated through storage, exposure to heat, irregular engine pressures, microbial condensation contamination, cracking and mixing problems, etc.

When the sediment levels suspended in the diesel are oversaturated it results in damages to injectors and associated equipment. Over time, the accumulation of waste produces mud; which needs immediate attention, failure to respond to symptoms can lead to overheated filters, power loss, excessive hydrocarbon emissions, injector and motor failures.

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Descaling Process and water softening Eco Friendly MAG-TEK

  • Chemical-free treatment
  • Helps to remove existing scales
  • Inhibits the formation of new deposits in:
    • Pumps
    • Pipelines
    • Heat exchangers
    • Separators
    • Other equipment
  • Keeps the system free of scales causing pitting under the system deposits, can reduce corrosion.
  • It has the ability to stop the growth of limpets and mussels by the use of salt water in cooling towers.
  • Water consumption and discharge costs can be reduced allowing greater cycle of concentration in the system.
  • Avoid cost and water contaminated by chemical treatment.
  • Provides hydraulic relief of treatment facilities at the end of pipe.
  • Savings occur by the lesser use of chemical make-up in the cooling tower.
  • It reduces most of the bottoms of raised tanks and basic sediments and water (BS & W) in the storage tanks.
  • Improves efficiency by increasing flow.

MAG-TEK Eco Friendly water softening and descaling process is a hydrodynamic generator. Directing the fluids through a strong and permanent magnetic source inside the tool altering the growth of crystals of incrustations, inhibiting the accumulation of solids.

A magnetic field will interact with any substance that carries a charge in any fluid. The electrical charges on the glass cores and the growth crystals are affected at the surface. This alters the growth of crystals in general and in specific planes. As crystals grow differently in size, shape, rate and number, their solubility or the level of supersaturation in the liquid are altered, inducing inlays to dissolve.