Bio-OptimizerTM is our patented nano-technology process, totally mechanical, with no chemicals = 100% Green Technology. It generates superoxigenated water, which is much more efficient than traditional air injection with blowers, compressors, etc. (4.5 times more oxygen).

Bio-OptimizerTM is trailer mounted in a compact mobile unit. (22 ft x 8 ft). These Mobile Units are installed in strategic places of the plant and their installation is easy and Non-Invasive and it can be either supplementary or complimentary to the existing plant.

Each Bio-OptimizerTM r is tailored made specifically for the customers plant. The only requirement for the operation is a 460 volt three-phase power.

¿How it works?

Bio-OptimizerTM r on-site generators quietly and safely create super oxygenated water without chemicals, using only physical phenomena and processes. (All parts of the unit are static except for the water pump).

Within the process, the water suffers a surface tension modification, passes through a chamber of multiple pressure variations, then the oxygen injection is introduced into the water stream with our patented infuser and passes the modified fluid through a multi-chamber mixer that creates violent turbulence.

The result is an infusion of H2O and O2 at nano particle and molecular level.

We reach as high as 600% of saturation of D.O. (related to D.O. @ 1 bar and 85 °F) or 30 40 mgO2/lt of water.

We design the units specifically for each plant depending on the oxygen demand.


  • Potentially increase the total plants treating capacity due to a reduction in Residence Time. Our process is more efficient.

  • Reducing Residence Time Increasing the plant capacity without large capital expenditures.

  • Lower OVERALL electricity consumption at the plant. Reductions of up to 50%

  • Meet Recycling and Discharge permit guidelines.

  • Reduce or eliminate the overall amount of chemicals needed in the plant (chlorine, acid, sodium thiosulphate, etc.).

  • Reduce the amount of waste sludge generated in the plan

  • Replace the use of blowers, compressors and diffusers (old technology)


  • Waste water treatment plants.

  • Water treatment plants

  • Industrial Plants to increase the D.O. level, reduce BOD, oxidize organic compounds, odor control, reduce H2S and ammonia, pre-treatment to others processes, etc..

  • Rivers and lakes restoration.

  • Any process that requires aerobic environment.