Services and Area of Influence

In the service sector of the oil industry, Kanutam integrate and formalize strategic alliances for the correct operation of oil and gas fields in terrestrial and marine wells for which it offers the following services:

  • Seismic interpretation, geomechanics, determination of in-field wells and / or delimiters

  • Engineering and execution of drilling, completion

  • Supply of drilling equipment

  • Design and execution of stimulation and fracture of wells

  • Supervision of field operations, engineering and pipeline construction

  • Management of the reservoir-well system-battery-lines. "Production Optimization"

  • Administration and management with the population-community


On and Offshore Transportation Vehicles

  • Of Services
  • Of Personnel
  • Equipment and Materials
  • Of Products

Answer's capacity

We own the patents of all our systems and have the required availability for the volumes of treatment that are required. Our response time is of 6 hrs in terrestrial area and 24 hrs in the Marine Area according to the climatic conditions and zone of shipment.