Experience of Management Staff

Petroleum Engineering

  • Personnel with the knowledge acquired for more than thirty years worked in both operating companies such as Pemex in Mexico and in private companies in North America

  • Project management and management of drilling, completion

  • Supervision of offshore and terrestrial operations

  • Direction of works of measurement of wells, stimulation and fracturing in Marine and Terrestrial wells

Field Operation and Production

  • Personnel with the knowledge acquired for more than 10 years, in several companies established in North America and South America.

  • Administration and coordination of dehydration projects

Management of marine projects, operations and maintenance

  • Management and Control of Shipping projects and Off-Shore Drilling

  • Develop and Implementation of management systems: Quality, Environment and Security

  • Management and Coordination of Dehydration

Management of on-shore security projects and environment protection

  • Personnel with the experience acquire for more than thirty years, who has worked from the supervisory level to management positions for Operational Companies such as Pemex in Mexico in the area of Safety and Environmental Protection